PassKeep – offline password manager

PassKeep is the easiest and the most secure way to have all passwords and PIN codes at your fingertips.

PassKeep store passwords encrypted in a secure internal storage on your phone and never sends them to the internet, neither to any other device. Your passwords won’t be hijacked.

When PassKeep is useful?
• at the cashier desk when you have to memorize you credit card PIN code
• in a hotel when you want to check you mail
• at work when you want to log into your personal account or social network
• at home when you need your credit card info to pay for airline ticket

Our application helps you to keep passwords, PIN codes and credit card information in an easily accessable yet super secure place. Owing to Fingerprint and Passcode verification you can be sure that no one can access your sensitive data even if he gets access to your device.

• Application stores passwords in a secure internal storage on your phone.
• It never sends your data to the internet.
• Application doesn’t rely on Internet connection and work offline perfectly.
• To view your passwords and PIN codes you have to prove your identity by Passcode or Fingerprint.
• Support NFC Technology to easy access to a card details.